What is Organic Cotton?

In a nutshell, it’s cotton fibre grown without the aid of any chemicals (GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides etc…)

It’s important to recognise that ‘organic’ refers to the fibre, not necessarily the end garment in all cases (see my post Superlative Alternative: Organic Cotton for further info)

Why is organic cotton a better choice than conventional cotton?

It’s better for the environment because 

It’s better for farmers and communities because

women's long sleeve t-shirt white cotton

Women's long sleeve t-shirt in organic cotton £35, The White T-Shirt Company

Organic cotton certifications to look out for on your clothing labels include:

Combining an organic certification with a fair trade certification is a winning combination.

5 good brands to buy from:

The White T-shirt Company, People Tree, Idioma, Eight Hour Studio and Kowtow


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