About STUDY 34

For a small business that is constantly growing, an ‘about page’ is a challenge. No sooner have I written it, I find my ideas about what makes an interesting page have shifted.

So I’ve decided to treat it as a constant work in progress, which is really what STUDY 34 is.

I was recently interviewed for Estila Magazine’s May 2018 Issue and have taken some excerpts from my conversation with the editor Karolina, that give an insight into STUDY 34 today…

STUDY 34 ethical sustainable fashion entrepreneur Eleanor O'Neill

Eleanor O'Neill, founder of STUDY 34

The STUDY 34 woman appreciates craftsmanship and quality

She is an independent woman in her own way: the way she chooses. She might be at the beginning of her career or the end, she might live in the city or the country, she may or may not have children. But ultimately, she wants to live her life meaningfully and stylishly, always looking good without worrying about what she’s wearing. She pursues the life she wants, whatever that might be, with determination, dedication and a sense of humour. She values herself and the world around her, as well as all the people living in it. She looks for craftsmanship and quality in the things she buys, appreciating the effect these things have on the wider world and the people in it.

STUDY 34 jumpers are certainly an investment financially, but I work every day to make sure they are worth her hard earned money. 

Comfortable knitwear that can be easily styled from day to night

Well-designed and well-produced, luxurious and functional knitwear is what I am always aiming to produce at STUDY 34. Suitable for every woman, whatever her age or her job. I want to offer her knitwear that is comfortable and can be easily styled from day to night, so that she can focus on achieving her goals for that day, and life in general, without worrying for a moment about what to wear.

But there is more to STUDY 34 than the product I sell. 

I am one of those women who is trying to pursue her goals and challenge herself to make a living out of what she loves to do. And it’s hard but I, alongside all the other incredible women I have met along the way, are proof that it can be done.

As the label grows I want to help other creative and entrepreneurial women achieve their goals. Right now, making knitwear that empowers and enables women to follow their dreams is just the beginning of the road.

I approach sustainability in two ways 

Sustainability is a fundamental part of my business, but it is always a work in progress. Reading and researching into advances in sustainability in the fashion industry is a big part of my work schedule. I recently wrote an article for Courier Magazine on the subject of sustainability and how difficult it is to tackle for a small business. It’s certainly about going one step at a time.

I approach sustainability in two ways. The first is in the sourcing of yarns and the manufacture of the clothing by researching fibres and investing in quality craftsmanship. 

The other is in the style. I only manufacture classic styles that can be worn by a woman of any age and styled in whatever way pleases her. STUDY 34 knitwear can be worn smartly to the office, dressed down with jeans or with a nice skirt/pant for dinner with friends or an event in the evening. I use neutral colours that go with lots of skin tones and clothing of different colours. While I am aware of the trends, they do not come into my design process. STUDY 34 knitwear is timeless in its quality and its style.