STUDY 34's Vision & Mission


 My Vision

I believe it is our duty to treat our planet and all people on it respectfully.

I believe in the value, power and importance of the individual voice.

I believe in people who seek a better way of doing things – often against the majority.

And I believe that a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle should be available for all.


This is why the lack of diversity in the fashion industry bothers me.

It’s why the lack of transparency bothers me.

It’s why influencers and the media who look the same, do the same and encourage you to be the same, bother me.

It’s why fashion’s inability to think differently and refusal to change its ways, bothers me.


It’s why I like people who speak up for what they believe in and try to make a change.

It’s why I like people who follow their heart, and not the crowd.


It’s why I don’t fit the mould of the fashion industry today.

And it’s why STUDY 34 exists: to serve those who believe this too.


My Mission is...

To champion those who empower and do not exploit.

To celebrate diversity and individuality.

To make beautiful and responsibly-made products easy to access.

And to share engaging and informed insights regarding sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.


STUDY 34 is a platform that strives to inspire YOU, by bringing together a collection of independent brands from all over the world, who manufacture their products in a way that reflects the values they place on people and the planet. Through STUDY 34, YOU can access these products simply, conveniently and with confidence. 



eleanor o'neill founder STUDY 34

Eleanor O'Neill, founder of STUDY 34