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10 Things to  Love About Alpaca

10 Things to Love About Alpaca

A Versatile Wardrobe Basic


The Alpaca Crew, reviewed.

I recently purchased the alpaca crew in camel & am in love with it. It's so lovely to wear - it's so soft, the colour is beautiful & it is versatile. It truly is the most beautiful jumper I own & I love that it was ethically made by a brand that really cares about the impact fashion has on our environment.


Wearing alpaca is the difference between wearing cotton and wearing silk. Cotton is good but silk is LUXURY and this jersey is just that , luxurious (hangs beautifully, like silk too) and will make you feel a million dollars whenever you wear it.


My new alpaca sweater is gorgeous. I just love it! I have never before owned such a fabulous sweater. It is soft, stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. The grey colour matches everything beautifully. I particularly love the neckline, it is suitable for wearing with or without a shirt.


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Rooted: The Alpaca Crew

Rooted: The Alpaca Crew

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Modern, Sustainable Luxury: Just Keep it Simple

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The Alpaca Crew

Modern Sustainable Luxury


The Alpaca Crew, reviewed.

I'm always nervous of buying jumpers unseen. I have broad shoulders, long arms and a short body so tricky to fit. STUDY 34's alpaca crew fits me perfectly. How is that for a major success? I couldn't believe it when I put it on - it just looks perfect!


Perfect for work - so clever to make a jersey that looks smart with or without jacket, with or without shirt (really well-designed crew). Perfect also for those inbetween occasions like the theatre or supper with friends. And sometimes I just wear it because it's lovely to wear. If you haven't got one, you're missing out. And Christmas is coming ... A brilliant present to give or receive.


I love the fact that it is made from alpaca wool. It's warm, breathable, and doesn't feel itchy in the way sheeps wool does on my skin. And I get a warm glow knowing that this has been made ethically using sustainable resources. Can't praise this sweater enough, I'm looking to buy this is grey soon.


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