Eight Hour Studio

Sonia Padam, co-founder of Eight Hour Studio, always wanted to run her own business, but the only thing she knew for certain from the very start, was that it was the principles and values of the venture that mattered most. She knew it would need to be socially responsible and environmentally aware, and would only work if others involved in its creation shared these same values. 

The idea for the product came afterwards.

Eight Hour Studio evolved around the concept that each of our days is broken up into eight-hour blocks of work, play and sleep. 

Beginning with the ‘Sleep’ collection, every piece is handmade using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The fabrics are hand wood block printed - a technique that is fast dying out due to the speed demanded for mass production today.

Sonia seeks to preserve this centuries old practice, as she states ‘The production unit is about so much more than just commerce – it is about building and supporting local communities.’