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Modern, Sustainable Luxury: Just Keep it Simple

Modern, Sustainable Luxury: Just Keep it Simple

I love to chat about my supply chain. It’s a point of pride rather than pain. And do you know why? Because it’s so simple. Unlike typical fashion supply chains that can have hundreds of stages, mine is short, concise and straightforward.

And I designed it that way for a reason. Because I believe that simplicity is one of the keys to a more sustainable business.

I’ve always had a preference for a simple and functional aesthetic – designs have more longevity that way. But on top of that, what I’m really interested in is how something feels, how it drapes on the body and a fibre’s origin and natural characteristics.

The less you manipulate something, the more beautiful and authentic it is, whether that’s a fibre, a garment or an entire supply chain.

My latest product, The Alpaca Crew, is made with 100% baby alpaca and its development all started with the discovery of the fibre itself. I started by learning about its natural characteristics and its history, right up to how it is processed for the modern market.

Then I was introduced to the craftswomen who knew how to make the best knitwear with it.

No agencies, no middle men. Just their skills and my ideas.

I was explaining this process to somebody recently and they remarked that surely every label should take a similar approach and ‘take time to know how it all works’. Indeed, but unfortunately that is not often the case. Speed and cost efficiency trump sustainability and authenticity almost every time.

This uncomplicated approach is what makes The Alpaca Crew truly modern, sustainable luxury.

alpaca crew neck women knitwear ethical sustinable


Modern because the style is clean, its proportions heavily inspired by menswear, while made to fit and flatter the female body. 

Modern because it’s versatile and fits with the busy and varied lifestyles of women today.

Modern because it has a short, simple and transparent supply chain that places value on every person involved.

Modern because it’s just us: you, me and the women who make it. No middle men, no price hikes, no smoke and mirrors.

alpaca crew neck camel women knitwear


Sustainable because of the fibre used. Alpacas are supremely sustainable animals. They’re more efficient than other fibre producing animals (cashmere goats and sheep for example) and their day-to-day behaviour helps conserve their environment.

Sustainable because it is not mass-produced but made in limited quantities.

Sustainable because it is biodegradable.

Sustainable because the style is not trend lead and it will never age.

Sustainable because it needs far less washing than nearly all other garments in your wardrobe.

alpaca knitwear women ethical sustainable fashion grey


Luxury because of the way it feels. It is 100% natural and super soft.

Luxury because it has been made by skilled craftswomen, with years of experience and knowledge.

Luxury because the fibre has so much history. Alpaca, also know as the fibre of the gods, was once reserved for Inca royalty…



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