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Luxury knitwear, <br> for every day.

Luxury knitwear,
for every day.

October is around the corner and the knitwear season is in full swing! On the downside, the days get shorter and the darkness makes me ever so slightly wistful… I know I’m not the only one!

So as the weather gets cooler I thought it a prime opportunity to go into more detail about STUDY 34’s latest styles.

Firstly, let’s talk about the yarn.

This cotton and alpaca mix is new to the STUDY 34 collection this year, and I already know it’s a keeper. While you may only just be dusting off your knitwear ready for the season ahead, I’ve spent any opportunity I’ve had so far this year wearing and testing this new yarn.

knitwear navy v neck alpaca cotton british women STUDY 34

The Navy V Neck, STUDY 34

Made of 90% Pima cotton, this extra long staple fibre is less prone to pilling or bobbling than your average cotton; each individual cotton fibre is longer than usual which means it is stronger. Grown in the northern coastal valleys of Peru, where the climate provides ideal growing conditions for the fibre (rainfall, temperature, soil type etc), Pima cotton is known the world over for its luxurious softness and durability.

The remaining 10% of the yarn is royal alpaca, the highest grade of the fibre, which makes up less that 1% of an entire adult alpaca fleece. And it is one of the most lightweight, luxurious wools on the market today.

The combination of the two fibres results in a garment of an easily layer-able weight, which is durable yet soft and luxurious and wearable on a daily basis.

The high cotton content of the yarn also means that these new styles can go in the washing machine (on a cool wash though; best to avoid boiled jumpers…). 

The colours

Continuing on my mission to provide you with luxury knitwear that can be worn every day, these new styles come in some classic, darker shades. A slave to a neutral colour palette, black and navy are staple colours for every wardrobe, no matter the year or the season.

knitwear alpaca cotton british women eco sustainable fashion

From left: Becky wears The Alpaca Crew CamelThe High Neck Black and The V Neck Navy

The styles 

A High Neck and a V Neck are two necklines that are always worth investing in because they will serve you for years to come. STUDY 34’s versions are mid-weight pieces, making them even more versatile additions to your wardrobe. They can be worn alone or layered on top of or underneath your favourite basics to give you style and comfort all year round. 

Style them simply with silk trousers or cigarette pants for an evening look, or tuck them into a skirt or pair of trousers for a day at the office. 

To me, they are everything I look for in a jumper: luxurious yet convenient, smart whilst easy to care for, as well as simple, elegant and comfortable.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

Until next month,




knitwear alpaca cotton british women v neck eco sustainable

Aesthetica Magazine September 2018

knitwear alpaca cotton british women v neck eco sustainable

The Good Trade, September 2018
Oct 08, 2018

Haha! She does have great hair…

Eleanor O'Neill
Oct 08, 2018

So THAT’s Becky with the Good Hair. Beautiful imagery and gorgeous knitwear. Spoilt for choice… K : )

Katherine Wildman

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