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Rooted: The Alpaca Crew

Rooted: The Alpaca Crew

Recently, I read an article that said it was not unusual to have over 100 individual processes, in many different countries and locations, making up the production chain of a garment. 

Did you know that your clothes have been on such a wildly complicated journey? Even as a seasoned designer, I was quite surprised.

No wonder the fashion industry can be such a minefield when it comes to working out where our clothes come from, where they’ve been made and who’s been making them. Because the answers to each of these three questions are often wildly different.

This kind of transient product – lacking real origin or story - passes from one passive pair of hands to another, hands that unsurprisingly may have no regard for what they are making.

So is it really any surprise that the last pair – your own – feel a similar indifference eventually?


Simple in process

The Alpaca Crew could not have been simpler to produce, and it is in this simplicity, I think, that lies its appeal. 

The supply chain is short.

Everything from the growth of the raw materials to the pressing and folding of the final garment is done in the southern regions of Peru, the centre of alpaca clothing manufacture worldwide. And it is done by craftsmen and women with a deep and valuable understanding of the fibres and materials that they are using.

knitwear alpaca women's Peru jumper sweater

Inca Tops in Arequipa Peru, where the STUDY 34 alpaca yarn is spun

By working directly with the manufacturer, there is no one in between. No agents. No middlemen.

I have been, and I have seen, where everything happens. And by keeping this process simple, it is much easier to be fully involved in it.


Simple in design

The Alpaca Crew is made with 100% natural fibres and colours.

And it has been designed to celebrate their natural beauty. A simple and elegant shape, without unnecessary frills, folds or fastenings.

knitwear women's jumper sweater alpaca

The Alpaca Crew in Light Grey, £145

Everything from the length, the neckline and the proportions, to the ribbing on the cuff and hem have all been given equal consideration in order to offer maximum comfort and ease while remaining versatile and smart at the same time.

No bells and whistles, just a beautiful fibre displayed at its best.


Knitwear for the modern woman’s wardrobe

The Alpaca Crew is a fusion of age-old manufacturing skill and modern, functional design, created to serve the busy and varied lives of women today. 

A fibre with defined and precise roots developed and moulded to become an indispensable part of a modern woman’s wardrobe. 

The Alpaca Crew has its own specific and authentic story but it also remains a blank slate, ready to seamlessly become part of yours.


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