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PiC Style: The Ultimate Capsule Collection

PiC Style: The Ultimate Capsule Collection

We need to buy less stuff

On the BBC radio 4 this month, the CEO of Ethical Fashion Forum Tamsin Lejeune commented that “if we were really going to look at the single thing that would have the most effect on minimising the environmental impact of the fashion industry, it would be to buy less”.

So while sustainable materials and ethical production practices are a must, the single most impactful thing we can all do as individuals, is to BUY LESS STUFF.

And less stuff means investing in pieces that are versatile, modern and well made. And in addition, garments that remain simple enough so as to not to pigeonhole your style, but provide a timeless platform for it to develop.

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A versatile wardrobe is the key

Enter PiC Style: the ultimate capsule collection for women. Designed and made in London, the 8 piece collection that provides 50+ outfits, is “rotatable and interchangeable, giving you more flexibility than a lifetime of downward dogs.”

versatile jacket dress v neck button grey ethical made in london

The Camden Dress (left), with Dalston Peg and Hoxton Shirt (right)

women's grey dress v neck white shirt long sleeve oversized made in london

The Camden Dress with Hoxton Shirt

For Rhoda and Sarah, the Partners (in Crime) in question, this project has been a long time coming. These two fashion aficionados have teamed up to change the game by pursuing a more responsible path in the fashion industry. “We did this for a positive impact on our lives as well as everybody else’s”, Rhoda said to me recently.

And for them, it’s all about the aesthetics. “I’ve got to want to wear it first, and then be aware of the fabric origins and that it’s locally sourced”, she added. And local they are, with all eight pieces manufactured in London, in a factory run exclusively by women.

women's grey dress v neck sleeveless wrap jacket versatile fashion ethical sustainable

The Camden Dress

v neck grey sleeveless casual wrap dress made in london

The Camden Dress

As the above images show, PiC’s garments are remarkably versatile. While each product page will suggest different variations, the girls are keen to hear how each individual likes to style it too.

So where does a brand producing a capsule collection go from here? “We want people to buy less and use their wardrobe pieces effectively – we’re not going to produce collection after collection and get people to buy more.” Sarah said.

The collections are made in limited runs and are never mass-produced. The brand will grow organically, by taking into account seasonal changes in the weather rather than on the catwalk.

Check out the full eight piece collection.


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Lucio FraiddyMamani
Feb 17, 2017

Thanks so much for the comment Cindy! Less stuff, better quality is the way to go :)

Sep 28, 2016

Yes, buying less stuff is THE most important decision we can do as a society and support the brands building quality pieces. I agree 100%! Thank YOU for this post. Love the grey color!

Cindy E Rangel

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