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Sustainability in fashion - will you make the cut?

Sustainability in fashion - will you make the cut?

Who makes our clothes?

As the two year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster was marked last month, it caused many in the industry and beyond to reflect on the reality of who makes our clothes. Consumers were encouraged to raise awareness of the fashion supply chain by asking brands #whomademyclothes? and it was also a chance to celebrate brands taking an active role in addressing these issues. As Stefano Pilati highlights, “We miss leaders. We have too many followers and not so many leaders”.

study 34 has picked some inspirational articles on the subject and would like to introduce some awesome brands addressing these issues.

Read about responsible fashion 

“Now that several garments are offered cheaper than a sandwich we all know and feel that something is profoundly and devastatingly wrong” – Li Edelkoort. Read the full interview with Li Edelkoort following the publication of ‘Anti_Fashion’ – a manifesto definitely worth reading:

Li Edelkoort publishes manifesto on why “fashion is obsolete” (02/03/2015, Dezeen Magazine)

“If a product doesn't last and needs replacing after a couple of seasons, it is not sustainable. To last, products must be well made, which in fashion means not at mass-production levels but by well-organized and skilled craft-people” – Simone Cipriani. The founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative highlights the decline of the artisan and the need for its return:

Fashion Needs a Sustainable Handprint (27/04/2015, Huffington post)

“Each garment has gone through thousands of hands to reach you. But we have no relationship to that process anymore.” – Kendall Robbins. If you want to know more about how to make sustainable fashion choices, take a look at this:

How can you shop for fashion sustainably? (24/04/2015, The British Council)


Discover sustainable and ethical brands

ethical women's accessories brand black leather handbag

Christina Fischer


Christina Fischer is a Scandinavian leather accessory brand. With the life cycle of each product at the heart of their design ethos, old leather jackets are deconstructed and re-imagined into minimalist accessories – and study 34 loves their androgynous style:


black leather handbag small shoulder strap women

Lost Property of London

If you’re on the hunt for a little home grown investment, look no further than Lost Property of London. Designed and handmade in our very own capital, the ‘mini mini elwin’ is right right up our street:




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