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Welcome to the new <br> STUDY 34

Welcome to the new

Welcome back to STUDY 34 - it looks a little different to the last time you visited.

As a small business, being agile is key, and while the function of STUDY 34 may have changed slightly, what it stands for has not, and never will.


I believe it is our duty to treat our planet and all people on it respectfully.

I believe in the value, importance and power of the individual voice.

I believe in the people who seek a better way of doing things – often against the majority.

And I believe that a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle should be available to all.


For those who believe what I believe, STUDY 34 exists for YOU.

It is a place for those who, through their purchases, seek to empower and not exploit. 

Who want to celebrate diversity and individuality. 

And who want to access clothing that matches their values and beliefs simply and easily.


My mission is to continue to provide you with the inspiring stories behind brands, insights into the people bringing these clothes to life and information that is key to working towards a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry. 

At STUDY 34, I am championing a new style: one centred on knowledge and appreciation.

I hope you’re ready to discover and learn alongside me.


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All of the brands represented on the STUDY 34 platform are driven by individual desires to work towards change – whether that be the sourcing of responsible raw materials, investing in real craftsmanship during the manufacturing process, or seeking to create timeless pieces outside of fast fashion trends. 

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