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Female founders, knitwear developments and Country Living makers' marquee

Female founders, knitwear developments and Country Living makers' marquee

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Courier Magazine Female Founders Issue February/ March 2018

Female Founders

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Courier Magazine’s latest issue focusing on women and modern business. And after much anticipation on my part, it landed on my doorstep in early February.

In my article I chose to focus on the challenge of defining what a ‘sustainable’ product actually is and the importance as a small label of working within your means and to the best of your ability when it comes to addressing this issue. Tackling the subject of sustainability with honesty, energy and a willingness to learn is essential. I also discussed how important I think it is to be constantly curious and willing to discover more about your product, even when – especially when – the consequences challenge you.

I also explain my belief that the best way to grow sustainably is to grow organically. But that often means slowly, and in today’s consumerist, speed-obsessed world, slow is not desirable – slow is not ‘success’…

Check out my article and many others in the latest issue here.

courier magazine female founders

Courier Magazine Female Founders Issue February/ March 2018

Knitwear developments

New knitwear samples are due to arrive this coming week and I’m excited to say that I’m experimenting with a royal alpaca and pima cotton mix fibre to create some styles that will be easier to care for (as they can go in the washing machine) 

Pima is an extra long staple cotton, meaning that the single fibres are longer than standard cotton, resulting in a softer, stronger and longer lasting fabric with exceptional lustre.

Peruvian pima cotton is grown in the northern coastal valleys of the country (in contrast to the central and southern regions where you will find alpacas), where the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at near perfect equatorial temperatures. And it’s harvested by hand. 

I can’t wait to get my hands on the prototypes in the next few weeks to road test them!

knitwear womens crew neck alpaca jumper sweater

The Alpaca Crew, beautifully photographed recently by Madara Freimane

Burghley Horse Trials

On a mission to increase interest in craftsmanship and sustainability in the fashion industry this year, I will be showing off STUDY 34 knitwear at a number of events later in 2018, and the first will be in the Country Living Tent at Burghley Horse Trials at the end of August – come and chat to me in the makers’ marquee if you can!

I’m choosing to end this month’s post with two videos I watched this month, they’ve got nothing to do with knitwear, sustainability really I just thought they were both interesting and thought you might too…

Ken Robinson’s TED talk ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ and an interesting insight into how overnight shipping works I found on the Hiut Denim blog.

Until March!


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