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You Can't Buy Experience

You Can't Buy Experience

In case you were wondering: you can’t buy experience. 

This month I did the shoot for the new STUDY 34 styles launching in autumn, and while it was exciting, it was a tiring day, and only when it was over could I relax in the knowledge that nothing had gone wrong.

A shoot requires a lot of planning and organisation, and of course money.

With locations to pick, models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, stylists, styling items and more to pin down, it’s tricky. And with so many people to co-ordinate and rely on, it can quickly come tumbling down.

Behind the scenes at STUDY 34 courtesy of Hidden Heights Creative Studio

99% of my customers’ first interaction with STUDY 34 is through an image, whether it be online, in a magazine or at an event. So there is a huge pressure on my side to capture something you will love.

We give it our best shot as a team on the day, but as the months pass and as I learn more, I inevitably crave another chance to be able to do it again, and do it better. And waiting for that chance is deeply frustrating. 

With this in mind, this time I tried to enjoy the experience more by being consciously present in the moment, instead of wishing I was better at X, Y or Z.

The images are beautiful – they are exactly what I was aiming for, and I can’t wait to share them with you. They are a few steps closer to my goal of presenting truly modern, sustainable style and I will try and enjoy them for as long as possible… before I begin to wonder, how can I do it better next time?

It’s the curse of most entrepreneurs I know. And sometimes I’m convinced it’s the best way to be: always looking for improvement. But other days I’m not so sure. Constantly looking towards the next goal denies you the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate what you have achieved so far. And in order to move forward, with the self-belief and enthusiasm that you need, you must take the time to acknowledge those achievements. 

You will never be as good today as you will be next week, in six months, or in five years. You can’t buy experience and set up a monthly plan to pay it back. You have to go through every single day, to gain the skills and the knowledge you need to grow.

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Back in January I mentioned my involvement in Traidcraft’s campaign focusing on helping entrepreneurs who have the ability and the willpower to succeed in business, but do not have access to the necessary opportunities to do so.

This month, myself and other ambassadors were invited by the Traidcraft team, along with the Secretary of State for International Development, to celebrate the fantastic success of the campaign raising £1.1 million. Learn more about the campaign here.


Celebrating Traidcraft's Hidden Entrepreneur's Campaign, Image courtesy of Traidcraft


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