What is 'Fast Fashion'?

What is ‘Fast Fashion’?

Fast Fashion is clothing produced in large volumes in low quality materials very quickly, by people who often have few other alternatives for work.

In 2015, John Thornbeck (Chairman of retail analysts Chainge Capital) described Fast Fashion as ‘the rapid translation of design trends into multi-channel volume.

The result is poor quality clothing of low durability, bought and discarded by the consumer at an equally fast rate.

When did Fast Fashion really begin to take hold? 

You could argue when exactly clothing started to become more accessible and seen less as a luxury in our society. However, an important event to consider in terms of today’s unprecedented levels of clothing consumption is the implementation, over a 10-year period from 1995 to 2005, of the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC).

This agreement gradually changed the rules around how much clothing and textiles could be imported into any given country. Before the ATC was implemented, there were limits on volume of imports of clothing and textiles, but by the end of its implementation in 2005, there were none.

These new rules enabled brands worldwide to access cheap labour and to produce and sell clothing in unlimited amounts, and at lower costs than ever before.

women's cream ribbed chunky jumper

Slow Fashion: The Johnny Jumper 100% wool made to order £171, L'Envers

What’s wrong with Fast Fashion?

Throughout today’s complex and fragmented clothing supply chains, people and the environment are compromised for the sake of cheap clothing. 

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