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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In the world of fashion there is bad and there is ugly. But there is also a lot of good.

Today, when a cloud of darkness shadows the industry, it can be tempting to discuss negative stories and statistics. Even as ethical fashion develops stronger roots and new, responsible brands surface, as a consumer it can be hard to see the light.

Here are study 34’s top ten quotes on the sustainable design movement selected to excite you about the future of fashion rather than preoccupy you with its past. 


(left) Bruno Pieters (Founder at Honest By) Stripped Bare: Brands move toward transparency and traceability (, 23/07/2013)
(right) Milene Fernandez (Feature Writer at The Epoch Times) Simone Cipriani makes ethical fashion happen (, 01/04/2015)


(left) Andrew Morgan (Director of ‘The True Cost’ movie) The high cost of fast fashion (, 27/06/2015)
(right) Christoph Frehsee (CEO of Amour VertEco-Fashion brand Amour Vert talks about what it really takes to go green (, 22/04/2015)



(left) Lucy Siegle (British journalist and writer on environmental issues) Fashion Revolution Day: Watch the trailer for powerful documentary ‘The True Cost’ (, 24/04/2015)
(right) Professor Frances Corner OBE (Head of London College of Fashion) By challenging the status quo, fashion can play a vital role in showing us what’s possible ( 26/04/2015)


(left) Michael Lavergne (Responsible Supply Chain professional and author) Op-Ed: From remembering Rana Plaza to the New Fashion Revolution (, 02/04/2015)
(right) Daniel Freitag (Owner at FreitagCan big brands catch up on sustainable fashion? (, 24/03/2015)



(left) Lee Suckling (Freelance Writer) The problem with fast fashion (, 08/04/2015)
(right) Kendall Robbins (Fashion Programme Manager at British Council) How can you shop for fashion sustainably? ( 24/04/2015)





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